DMX’s Fianceé Shares Their 5 Year Old Son Exodus Is Battling Stage 3 Kidney Disease

DMX’s Fianceé Shares Their 5 Year Old Son Exodus Is Battling Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Exodus, DMX’s youngest son, has stage 3 kid’ney dis’ease, according to Exodus’ fiancée. Desiree Lindstrom, the rapper’s fiancée, recently appeared on the “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast and br’oke the news. He still has kid’ney dis’ease in stage 3,

so I’m just keeping his pota’ssium levels low. According to Lindstrom, he can’t eat any foods high in pot’assium. He visits the doctor frequently. I make sure his cre’atinine levels are where they need to be in order to maintain his stability.

On Friday, the day following World Kidney Day, Lindstrom shared a clip from the podcast on Instagram. Exodus is a remarkable kid! Lindstrom captioned the photo, “Blessed to be his mother through this adventure. “March is the month when renal illness is made more widely known.

Learn as much as you can about ch’ronic kidney disease (CKD). It’s important to know things. I appreciate your assistance with the @nationalkidneyfoundation and #columbiapresbyterianhospitalnyc campaigns. We greatly value your prayers. Exodus,

Lindstrom and DMX’s lone child collectively, was born in 2016. Before the rapper’s untimely d*ath from a d*ug over d*se in April 2021, Lindstrom was engaged to him. Since D’M’X’s d*ath over d*se, Lindstrom claimed that “a lot’s been going on”

and that there have been “a lot of different chan’ges,” the most significant of which is that she is pursuing a career as an est’hetic’ian. I’m trying to bu’ild myself up while learning how to give facials and wa’xing, she said. All I want to do is prepare myself to be a wonderful mother to E*odus.

I want him to see that, among other things, he has a strong mother who can stand up for herself. And throughout the process, I’m just putting my faith in God. On April 9, 2021, D’M’X, whose real name was Earl Simmons, passed away at the age of 50.

He had over d*sed on drugs the previous week. It was claimed that a heart at*ack was the result of his brain being o*ygen-deprived for about 30 minutes.


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