Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Claims Diddy And Ja Rule Were In Hotel Room With A Bag Of Adult Toys and….

Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Claims Diddy And Ja Rule Were In Hotel Room With A Bag Of Adult Toys and….


For years, Sean “Diddy” Combs has been the subject of r’umours about his personal life. Some people think that the egotistical music mogul’s romantic life was no different from the rest of his big-hearted endeavours. Puff seemed to love the company of guys.

and adult toys in addition to the many attractive women he had at his disposal. His former security has begun talking openly about what he witnessed while serving him. Gene Deal spent several years working for Bad Boy Entertainment,during which time he became i’ntimately familiar with Diddy and his personal life. Deal claims that Puff engaged in some quite bizarre activities behind closed doors, such as spending time alone with various men and toys.

He remembered travelling to Atlanta with Diddy and walking into his first a’dult bookstore during an interview with the Art of Dialog. Gene claims that Diddy visited the location and picked up a variety of products while placing them in a brown bag.

Gene Deal observed that Diddy took a number of “plugs” from a shelf. Gene teased Diddy, who urged him to leave him shop alone in peace because he didn’t know what the phrase meant. Diddy simply proceeded to the register after doing his shopping and handed them.

a big wad of cash without ever revealing what was in his bag. From there, they travelled to North Carolina to perform with another rapper, and while they were there, Diddy, Sara, and the rapper were all in a hotel room.
Gene, who was manning the door, said that Ja Rule’s cousin stopped by and asked to see him.

Gene did not let the cousin in because he was under strict orders to protect the door. Gene claims that the cousin rushed him and that Gene had to scare him. Ja Rule and Puff left the room as soon as they heard the noise to investigate. Ja questioned, “What’s happening?It’s my cousin there! You ain’t want to walk in that room; there was a lot of crazy [things] going on, Ja Rule jokingly said to the men after explaining that he had to slam him down to prevent him from entering.
Gene said he doesn’t know what Ja Rule and Diddy were doing,

but he believes they were using the plugs. Although Diddy has recently been photographed with a number of different ladies, there have long been suspicions that he has been seeing males. Diddy’s alleged h’omos’exuality was hinted to by Cassie’s new husband, Alex Fine,

who uploaded a Pride-themed photo with the comment, “Happy Pride! A charity that assists those who need to GOTTA MOVE ON is attached. In addition to other resources Diddy’s song “Gotta Move On,” which was released earlier this year and was about breaking up with a lover, He recently had a child with Dana Trans, and it appears that Yung Miami d’umped him.


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