Did U Know This Actor Was Denzel Washington’s Son?

Did U Know This Actor Was Denzel Washington’s Son?

Denzel’s son, John David Washington, and he has a starring character on the new HBO series, Ballers. He plays the role of “Ricky Jerret” with fellow-star, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. Washington’s character is that of a hot-tempered wide receiver whose crazy

behavior off the field continuously jeopardizes his football career. The Rock plays his agent. This is Washington’s first big character, but it isn’t his first character. He was literally one of the children in a Harlem classroom in the movie, Malcolm X,

in which his father played Malcolm X. On a side note, can we pause for a 2nd to give Denzel Washington and his wife (and mom of his kids), Pauletta Pearson, a huge Old School high 5 and salute? They accomplished what most Hollywood couples

can’t- staying wedded so long, for 32 years and counting. Go ‘head Denzel and Pauleta…keep REAL love and hope alive (in my Jesse Jackson voice)! Okay so back to John David Washington…however, he’s fairly new to acting, he’s accustomed to performing under

the lights because he’s been playing football since he was a children and has had a beautiful decent track record in the sport: Washington was drafted by the California Redwoods (after the Sacramento Mountain Lions) of the United Football League in the UFL

Premiere Season Draft in 2009. He contracted with the team on August 18. Washington stayed with the team later that and returned for his 4th season with the Mountain Lions in 2012, until the league abruptly folded that October.


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