Detroit Man Wins $30,000 Lottery, Spends $20,000 On New Chain, Gets Robbed Immediately

Detroit Man Wins $30,000 Lottery, Spends $20,000 On New Chain, Gets Robbed Immediately

It looked like there’s been an expanding in jewelry heists in not so far months. People are becoming fla*her while others are becoming more desperate, and the outcome have been some crazy. Back in November, a man broke into a jewelry shop in

Jersey City and made out with over $500k in stolen goods. The whole stuffs went down at Sara Jewelry shop on Newark Avenue in Jersey City just later 4:30 pm on November 23rd. A group of men pushed their way into the jewelry shop and commanded everyone to get on the ground.

They then shat’tered the glass displays and began gra’bbing all goods. The store owner believes the incident was pre planned based on how well the men orchestrated it all. Including, to tons of jewelry, the men also made off with $20k in cash.

In July, many men were able to make off with $100 million in gems and jewelry after hi’tting an armored truck in South California. The items were on a brinks truck being transported between locations later a show.

The stuffa were on their way to the Pasadena Convention Center. from San Mateo when they were intercepted in Lancaster. California was the site of another sm*sh-and-grab ro*bery. In September, 2 men hi’t a shop in Moreno Valley, making off with 80k in goods.

The entire thing happened sm’ack in the middle of the day at 3 pm, with the victims entering the Cardenas Market business on Sunnymead Boulevard near Perris Boulevard and south of the 60 Freeway. The vi*tims carried sledgehammers and similar objects to smash open the display ca’se,

as per Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Edward Soto Beverly Hills was hit in March. 3, men from Long Beach hit up the jewelry store and made off with $6.2 million in merchandise. They were finally tracked down and ar*ested. They pulled up in three cars and parked in front of the shop,

sma’shing the exterior windows and the’fting as much as they could. They left the vehicle behind, which after were diclosed to be stolen. One of the men dropped his cell phone,

which is how p’olice were able to track him down. To make matters bad, another person shared picture online of large stacks of money with the hashtag “ro*bery gang.”


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