Deb Antney Angry She Was The Last To Know Tammy & Waka Were Divording, Thought They Were Still…

Deb Antney Angry She Was The Last To Know Tammy & Waka Were Divording, Thought They Were Still…

Fans of the former power couple are s’hocked by Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera’s divorce. Before calling it quits on their marriage just before the third season of their show Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka, the couple had been going strong for years.

and appeared to be a cohesive team. The reason they separated up and how it’s hurting the people in their lives have been explored throughout the season. The mother of Waka Flocka is music industry powerhouse Deb Atney. Since the beginning of his career,

the powerful “momanger” has been a constant, helping him first establish himself as a successful rapper before joining him in reality television. Deb has been a vocal supporter of Waka and Tammy’s union, frequently encouraging them to start a family.

and offering her insight into how they manage their home. It makes sense that Deb was not the first person the two told when they decided to separate. Deb was forced to read about it in the news like the rest of us. Waka and Deb sat down to talk about his life.

and how things have gone after the divorce in a clip from the upcoming season. Deb swiftly redirected the conversation away from his business updates, such as his expanding real estate career, new songs, and the premiere of his new artist,

and toward the sale of his home and Waka and Tammy’s separation. Simply trying to understand how things are going. His mother informed him, “Honestly, I don’t know anything.” Due to the fact that she notably learned about Waka and Tammy’s marriage in the media first,

she admitted that she was having some flashbacks. Waka continues by saying that he and Tammy didn’t part ways amicably and that he “shut the door” rather than “slam it.” We don’t have to delve into this, Waka says, adding that he also begs his mother to respect his boundaries. Waka claims in his confessional that he has no plans to criticise Tammy since he doesn’t want to appear resentful or put the next woman off.


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