Daejhanae Jackson Identified As Women In Video Fighting Shanquella Robinson

Daejhanae Jackson Identified As Women In Video Fighting Shanquella Robinson

Daejhanae Jackson is the su*pec’ted girl in the la*su’it of be*ting Shanquella Robinson and her name is floating over the social media later the clip before the passing of Shanquella Robinson goes vi’ral. So without any further delay let’s check more about

Daejhanae Jackson and what truly took place in Mexico. Who is Daejhanae Jackson? More informations relating to the Daejhanae is not pretty handy. But her name has been sur’fa’cing over the internet later the story of Shanquella Robinson spurs calls in

order for the det*nti’on of people responsible for the Mexican clip. Daejhanae Jackson pass’iona’tely explained herself as an “aspi’ring healthcare professional” as per to her Lin kedIn profile. Also as per her profile, she visited Winston-Salem State University.

Daejhanae now works at Blue Rhino on the outskirts of North Carolina. This is the only detail that we could collect about Daejhanae Jackson. Her name is all over the social media for as*al’ti’ng her friend f*tal’l’y. Other than that we cannot extract information about her

personal life since she is not that well known that of a celebrity. When we dig a bit deeper into the conu’ndr’um, a clip was shared on the social media where the alleged su*pe*ted Daejhanae be*tin’g Shanquella Robinson before her une*pect’ed de’mi’se

was overfl ooded within seconds of uploading. As the names of Robinson’s friends have discovered its path on the internet, the six have reportedly removed their internet profiles. However, not much details about Jackson is available online, neti’zens shared an picture of Daejhanae Jackson’s LinkedIn

profile on Twitter. According, to her LinkedIn account, Daejhanae Jackson is an as’piri’ng healthcare professional. Her profile also marked that she studied at Winston- Salem State University. The profile also opened that she worked at Blue Rhino in Greensboro,

North Carolina. According to the company’s off’icial website, they are a “pro’pane ta’nk ex’cha’nge brand.”It still not clear whether Jackson now, works at the orga’nization, considering the amount of hate and traction she has am’ass’ed online.


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