Real-time footage shows DaBaby’s ascent to the peak and descent from it. The successful rapper is learning the same lesson as Kanye West: upsetting the wrong communities has major repercussions.

DaBaby’s tirade against women and the LG’B’TQ community has prevented him from ever getting another hit. Even worse, he is unable to tour and is having trouble giving away tickets for his most recent tour. Currently on tour in support of his most recent album,


Baby On Baby 2, is DaBaby. The album was released in September, and track four, “Socks,” has had 5 million streams to date. Despite being a remarkable number for anyone else. His top five songs all had 100 million+ sales, therefore this only touches the surface of his former earnings.

He holds two records with a billion-plus sales. His label should have been alerted by his streaming that a tour would not be the greatest choice. Sadly, he took the initiative on the road,


and supporters have been exposing him by showing up to empty stadiums and sending emails promising buy-one-get-one-free tickets. Currently, DaBaby has performances planned till March 2023. The website indicates that an event in Detroit has already been shifted to St. Andrews Hall,

according to Ticketmaster. Only 500 of the 14,000 attendees to his concert in New Orleans showed up in person, forcing him to cancel. DaBaby was seen entering a Cheesecake Factory, where a staff member claimed he was offering tickets for free but no one would take them.

One individual reportedly said, “DaBaby strolling around Cheesecake Factory handing away free tickets and yet being turned down is unpleasant job.” Front-row seats for the performance cost only $32, according to screenshots from the ticket sale website that were shared in the comments.

One individual commented, “He might as well start charging people to see him because when they won’t accept free tickets, what else can you do?” Given that other testimonies have appeared with identical claims, DaBaby has claimed that people are only making fun of him.

DaBaby really dropped out 100 tickets at my mother’s workplace, and all 100 have been sitting on the front desk for two weeks, according to one commenter. Rapper DaBaby went from being an A-List star to giving away free tickets to his gig at Cheesecake Factory, a commenter on the mess said.

He wasn’t fired because of his raps about killing Black people. After he suggested that his followers shouldn’t be [expletive] in the parking lot, he was dropped by the LG’BT community.

During his Donda listening party, Kanye reportedly invited DaBaby out and even put him on the record. Marilyn Mason, a star who was also cancelled, performed on stage with the males.