Comedian Luenell Warns Cancel Culture: ‘Y’ All Will Never Be Able To Cancel Me, Too Many People Love…

Comedian Luenell Warns Cancel Culture: ‘Y’ All Will Never Be Able To Cancel Me, Too Many People Love…

The careers of numerous well-known people have been impacted by cancel culture. Numerous artists in the entertainment sector now operate in quite different ways as a result of the movement. Some superstars, nevertheless,

will not allow criticism from those who are quick to disagree to alter their work. Comedian Luenell isn’t one to hold back when it comes to sharing her opinions, and she won’t let cancel culture do it for her either. One of the most recent guests on The Breakfast Club was Luenell.The comedian was questioned during the interview about her opinions on cancel culture and how it has attacked many comedians who hail from a time when they felt more free to express themselves. The Coming 2 America actress acknowledged feeling anxious occasionally as a result of cancel culture.

She also acknowledges that if she hadn’t altered the way she says things, she would be “lying.” Luenell asserts that she is unaffected by cancel culture, yet she takes care to avoid sounding haughty. She says, “I don’t want to sound conceited,

but there are just so many people who love me that I really sort of can’t be cancelled.” Furthermore, Luenell said that in order for her to be terminated, she would have to commit a horrible conduct against a minor.
Luenell discusses the big and devoted fans she has,

who would stand up for her against any potential criticism from the cancel culture. The comedian and actress admitted that she frequently faces online criticism, but she makes an effort to ignore it. The I Got The Hook Up 2 actress remarked.“First of all, you can’t be cyberbullied if you don’t read the s**t. Then, Luenell discusses how rapidly people utilize social media to move on to the next “crisis,” noting that they typically last for “48-hours.” The comedian then went deep inside her own mind,

addressing her fan base and cancel society. According to Luenell, she will finally say what she had planned to say anyhow. Luenell claims, “The ones who come to see me, they came to see me.” Luenell stated that the possibility for an artist’s grandeur is stifled by cancel culture in a different interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

“New people are cancel culture. For 25 to 30 years, our supporters have supported us, she remarked. For perspective, Luenell thinks that everyone involved in cancel culture is newer and unaware of their history. Chappelle joked that he “loves”

how being cancelled seems to affect things and attacked the cancel culture. Kevin Hart, an actor and comedian, experienced the pain of cancel culture when he was denied the opportunity to host the Academy Awards In 2019. In contrast, during a prior interview with The Sunday Times.


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