Columbus Short Claims Twitch Took His Own Life After Losing Life Saving In Bad Investment Deal

Columbus Short Claims Twitch Took His Own Life After Losing Life Saving In Bad Investment Deal

Twitch’s net worth was $5 million at the time of his de’ath. The bubbly Ellen staple was a favorite performer, DJ, and actor. He was also a loving dad of 3 and had just celebrated his 9th year marriage anniversary. While con’dolences constantly to pour in,

few friends close to him have at’tempt to shed light on the situation. Fellow actor/dancer Columbus Short allegedly had some insight on tWitch’s not so far business investments,


one of which might have sent him over the edge. Stephen “tWitch” Boss was just 40 years old when he planned to take his own life. Information around his final moments are still shrouded in not mystery, but his wife said to him leaving their house without his car.

When authorities discover him, he had taken his life in a nearby hotel. Ellen quickly shared her heartfelt dedication to her friend and brother, who served as a DJ, co-host, and finally executive producer on her show. Num’erous people online

have reshared clips of him dancing with his family and commented on how bubbly and happy he always looked like. “Grateful for being a joy-bringer, tWitch. Sometimes, joy-bringers carry unseen heavy burdens,” tweeted one person. Kerry Washington told,


“The world lost a bright light today. Twitch brought joy and affection to people all over the world via music and via dance. My heart is heavy today for his family and all of those who knew and loved him.” Most people pointed to how num’erous great stuffs tWitch had on the horizon and

how his passing just did not compute. He was working on many projects, had a daughter ready to graduate, and looked really excited about his not so far marriage anniversary. tWitch was a professional dancer who discover fans thanks to his participation in reality tv programs like

So You Think You Can Dance, Star Search, and The Wade Robinson Project. From there, he scored few small background roles in projects like Hairspray, Stomp the Yard, and Blades of Glory before landing the role of Ellen’s DJ. Outside of Ellen,

he has also hosted a dance competition based on the movie Dirty Dancing and starred in The Hip-Hop Nutcracker with his wife, Allison Holker. As per celebrity Net Worth sites,

tWitch was making $1 million a season on Ellen . Colombus Short and tWitch have similar starting as dancers turned major television stars. Clearly the men would know each other, and Short took to internet to open up about some details he knew worrying tWitch’s financial status.

“People made investments; people do a lot of stuffs. This was just a theory. You know, people are awful. tWitch was not awful. He’s fantastic. His legacy will live on still.” Short goes on to question, “what if you invest in something that took your entire life savings, possibly? Yeah, it gets rough.”


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