“Cole” & Bobby Brown Have Grown Kids By Same Woman And Ladies Love Both Of Their Sons

“Cole” & Bobby Brown Have Grown Kids By Same Woman And Ladies Love Both Of Their Sons

ILOSM fam,’ we have a few quite interesting fun facts to share with you all right about now and it involves two kid of 2 legends we greatly honored. That would be none other than Bobby Brown and actor, Carl Payne.

At first glance, one would wonder that they have no original reason for being addressed in the same sentence, given that Carl was best familiar for crackin’ us up on Martin and The Cosby Show; while Bobby was best familiar for cuttin’ up on stage.Well, what you’re about to witness, is the one factor they both have in common- they each have grown sons for the same lady. But, their sons are making the womens break a sweat all on their own, with their looks. You all see what we mean in a minute.

Bobby Brown was 17 when he had his first born kid, Landon, with his former-girlfriend, Melika. This was the year later he was voted out of New Edition and was just kickin’ off his single career. Carl Payne wedded the mom of his and Bobby’s sons,

Melike Payne, in 1992. Melika sued for split later 22 years of marriage in 2014, but the divorce was never finalized and they have since happily reunited. Carl supported raise Landon Brown (who refers to Carl as his “other father”) ever since Landon was 6-years-old.

Some years ago, Bobby’sand Melika’s son, Landon Brown, was a slender dude. Although, today Landon is 35 years old, with a kid of his own. As you can see, dude has been hitting the gym on the daily. Needless to tell, he gets numerous lustful comments from females s’hootin’ their s’hot at him on internet.Nevertheless he’s an adult, it’s not clear how old Malek is now, but like his big bro,’ the thirst is real among the young womens who have left a few lustful comments underneath his online pics.

Carl and Melika Payne also share other son, Carl Payne III , but he quite much stays outta the public’s eye. Numerous of you all may recall the scene from The Bobby Brown Story, when Bobby’s baby mama, Melika, showed up on the set of his “Girlfriend” clip shoot, telling him their newborn son, Landon, needed money and daddy time. Melika was characterized by actress, Brittany Level.


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