Charlamagne Tha God Claims Being A Billionaire Means Nothing Today: It Seems Like Everybody’s A Billionaire Now

Charlamagne Tha God Claims Being A Billionaire Means Nothing Today: It Seems Like Everybody’s A Billionaire Now

Kanye West not so far lost his billionaire status following a big falling out with Adidas, The Gap, and Balenciaga, amongst many other companies. The entire ordeal has numerous revisiting their favorite celebrities’ net worth and talking them in comparison.

During an episode of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God revealed about billionaires and why he felt the income bracket is not as special as it used to be. While talking Future’s “dream” to began a family, Char and DJ Envy attempt to unpack the duality of being a rap star and a family man.


While Charlamagne trusted that Future could not be the success he is in rap if he was more present for his kid or began a new family, DJ Envy argues that Future might head to his billionaire status quickest with a wife and children. Charlamagne argues that the status means nothing these days.

“What is a billionaire? It’s just an evaluation currently.” Envy argues that Future is “chasing” that status and validation. Charlamagne compared being a billionaire to owning an NFT, asserting they are both very common stuffs at this point. Envy told that that comparison is not accurate,

and Charlamagne laughs, saying, “it looked like everybody billionaire. The billions can go away just that sudden too. I identify as a billionaire. I dare you to told me I’m not one.” When Envy tells him he’s not, C jokes that he is billionaire-phobic.

The quite about billions going away just as sudden has been most obvious while watching Kanye West. He tanked his fortune in under a month, even bragging about losing 2 billion in a day when Adidas eventually cut ties with him. It is not clear what West’s next decision is,

but it has been said that Adidas is looking to constantly selling his sneaker design without the Yeezy brand and cut him out of any future profits. He has also had to halt construction on his Malibu mansion because of his dwindling funds. Other billionaire heavily in the news is Elon Musk.

His not so far purchase of Twitter and subsequent firing of the majority of the company have people wondering how much power is too much power. Is Charlamagne right? Are too numerous people becoming billionaires?


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