Chaka Khan Asks Fans For Prayers For Her Son, Following His Past Troubles

Chaka Khan Asks Fans For Prayers For Her Son, Following His Past Troubles

Although the spirit icon, Chaka Khan, has admittedly had her own share of personal efforts throughout the years, she’s proven to be a a powerful lady, who always appears to bounce back. Now, she’s asking that all of us, Chaka fans, lift up her son,

Damien Holland, in blessing and pray that he can muster up the same stability as his resilient mama.
In her request for blessings, Chaka kept her Twitter message short and precious, with a throwback picture of her and Damien, and a caption that read.Prayers for my son as he is embarking on his new and positive trip. Picture Flashback in time, when life was easier for us both Although Chaka didn’t determine why she wanted fans to beg for Damien’s new trip of living on the right way in life,

his past problems may be the reasons why. In case you missed our previous reporst on what those problems have been for Damien, here is a recap of what we reported. In May 2017, Chaka shared a rare picture of Damien and his daughter, but before we get into his pics,I wanna point out that there may be a reason why most of Chaka’s fans learn all about her lovely, talented vocalist daughter, Millini Khan, but don’t know much at all about her son. It could be because for the past decade or so, like his talented mama,

Damien too, has had a reported drug habit and has stayed out of the public’s eye. However, there were times when Damien could not a’void the public s’crutiny though. In 2006 Damien stood trial for the k’illing of his former friend, 17 year old Christopher Bailey,after sh*ting him inside of Chaka Khan’s L.A. house. Damien was adamant in his claim that the sh*ting was an accident and Chaka t’estified on his behalf. He was ultimately found not regretful. By December 2011, Chaka was granted permanent detention of Damien’s then 10 year old daughter,

Daija who is 17 now, and Chaka’s sister Tammy McCrary, was granted full co-custody. This occurred after Chaka told an L.A. Superior Court County judge that Daija’s mama was reportedly unfit to be a a mama at that time, due to her a’lleged heavy d’rug habit.

It later came out that Chaka’s son, Damien- who lived in his mother’s house with his daughter’s mother- was also reportedly heavily addicted to d’rugs then as well. In the September 2011 initial d’etention filing, Chaka stated that she had already assumed on a day-to-day basis the role of the kid’s parent fulfilling both the kid’s p’hysical and p’sychological needs for care and affection.


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