Carl Thomas Rescued From His Houston Home After Hurricane: Asks For Prayers

Carl Thomas Rescued From His Houston Home After Hurricane: Asks For Prayers

Carl Thomas, a former Bad Boy Records performer best known for his several successes like “Summer Rain,” “I Wish (I Never Met Her),” and others, was forced to leave his home in Houston, Texas due to the terrible destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.

He and his family are thankfully secure and unharmed, but their house is another matter. The extent of the damage to his property and the surrounding area is now unknown, but one thing is certain they needed to call for assistance and be rescued by boat.Carl uploaded a video of himself online while being taken away. I’m evacuating y’all pray for Houston, he pleaded in his video, while also holding his head high and reassuring everyone that everything would eventually be alright. But in the end,

I don’t really worry since I am confident that whatever happens, everything will turn out okay. Our hearts go out to everyone in Houston and the surrounding areas who has been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. It is SO heartbreaking to see.what the people of Texas are going through right now. The photographs of the devastation are strikingly similar to those of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath in New Orleans, Louisiana, nearly 12 years ago, when hundreds of people perished.

FYI: Since being evacuated to Houston, Texas following Hurricane Katrina, thousands of people from New Orleans have moved there permanently, and many of them are now experiencing the same catastrophe once more.Although Harvey’s death toll is thankfully much lower than expected, it is nonetheless tragic. Five people have apparently died so far in total, and hundreds more are still in need of rescue. Now that the US Corps of Engineers has declared they would be releasing water.

from two dams in the Houston area, there will be even more flooding. Col. Lars Zetterstrom, commander of the Corps’ Galveston District, stated that if we don’t start releasing soon, the amount of uncontrolled water near the dams will increase and have a greater impact on the nearby populations.


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