Cardi B Wins Million-Dollar Defamation Verdict Against ‘Malicious’ YouTuber

Cardi B Wins Million-Dollar Defamation Verdict Against ‘Malicious’ YouTuber

American rapper Cardi B not so far won the le’gal bat’tle over YouTuber Tasha K (Latasha Kebe), who she filled in 2019, awarding the star over more than million dollars in dam*ges. As per Billboard publication, a fed’eral ju’ry on Monday (January 24)

sided with Cardi B on her sser’tions that a YouTuber named Tasha K waged a “malicious cam’paign” to h’ur’t the superstar’s reputation, iss’uing a jus’tice that the lady had de’famed the rapper and awarding more than $1 million (around Rs. 7.4 crores) in damages.

The Hollywood Reporter, in 2019, Cardi B sued Latasha Kebe over se’veral videos posted by the YouTuber claiming distu’rbing facts and spr’ead’ing unsavory ru’mo’urs about the American rapper. One video, which was also cited in the la*suit, included a statement about Cardi B’s past life,

while others had many dis’turb’ing claims and lies like the rapper had che*ted on her husband, or that she had contracted her’pes, that she had been a pro*tit*te etc. As per, Cardi B testi’fied during the at*empt and shared that she feel like “sui*id*l” in the wake of Latasha Kebe’s videos and told,

that “only an evil person could do that sh–.” The YouTuber initially mentioned that she knowingly launched lies about the rapper, but she after at*empt to walk back that statement when examined by her own lawyers, as per Billboard. Later a 2-week tr’ial in Atlanta that saw testi’monies from both lady,

the jury event’ually gave a ju’stice in favor of the rapper and held YouTuber Latasha Kebe liable for defa’m’ation and two other forms of wrong doing over her YouTube videos and other internet posts containing mali’cious as’sertions.

Monday’s jus’tice awarded Cardi B around $1.25 million in da’m’ages, but the total could potentially end up top. Proceedings will kick off Tuesday to planned whether Kebe owes additional punitive dam’ages, or whether she must reimburse Cardi B for her aut’hen’tic expenses.

The YouTuber Tasha K shared to Twitter following the justice and wrote, “My spouse, la*yer’s, & I fo*ght truly hard. I’m grateful of them for their far hours and sleep less nights. Winos it’s just up from here. See you all in a few days. Back to work.”


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