Cardi B Underwent Surgery To Remove Injections, Now Speaking Out About The Dangers Of It

Cardi B Underwent Surgery To Remove Injections, Now Speaking Out About The Dangers Of It

Cardi B has been transparent about the work she has gotten done since early on in her career. Before her mainstream crossover, Cardi was getting enhancements to help give her more confidence and have more success in the adult entertainment world. Mainstream success brought new pressures and new requirements, as did motherhood. It looks like Cardi is now looking to scale some of her earlier work back and go for a more natural and healthy approach to her dream body.

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus spoke to Mariah Carey in Interview Magazine a few years ago and discussed how she was always a skinny girl. This impacted her confidence. When she began working in the nightlight life circuit, she realized that women with fuller figures got more love, so Cardi went and got implants. At the time, she did not have money for the best doctors, so she got some illegal work done. Cardi joked on an episode of The Breakfast Club that she was not sure what was injected into her backside but that, at the time, she felt “confident” and “vindicated.”

Cardi continued on and as social media success and reality television success came, so did the desire to evolve her look further. Cardi famously rapped, “got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you know it ain’t cheap.” Cardi ushered in her debut album pregnant with her first child Kulture. Shortly after giving birth, she got a mommy makeover which included a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and more. Cardi was transparent about how motherhood had changed her image of her body and how her confidence now fluctuated especially after baby number two. “I feel good, but then sometimes I feel like not, you know? [When] your skin is stretched out.”

Cardi began getting cosmetic work done on her face as well, and in 2020 she clapped back at a fan who thought she was trying to hide her work. Cardi admitted to getting a nose job and said that weight gain helped the work “settle,” concluding with, “I feel snatched.” Cardi also lamented that while she is not shy about her work, she is not getting nearly as much work as fans accused her of and told them, “it’s getting old, just say I look good and go.”

With more money and better doctors behind her, the mother of two is more conscious about her work and what she needs to do to maintain her dream body in the healthiest way. Cardi joins a growing list of women who are removing butt implants after recent studies show the damage they can do to your body. K Michelle famously championed this cause, even doing a Lifetime documentary around itSeveral of the Kardashians have also been noted to have smaller behinds.

Cardi told fans on IG that she had gotten work done in August, revealing, “I removed 95% of my biopolymers…if you know what biopolymers is, it’s ass shots.” While Cardi still supports plastic surgery and encourages people to do what they want, she is strongly against injections. The woman who administered Cardi’s actually had someone else die while doing the work.

It is highly dangerous, and Cardi says, “I’m really against them. I’ll all the way support you if you wanna do alterations to your body. I’m all the way with it, but DO NOT get shots. I will never fucking recommend them.”


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