Brandy love for her daughter again came out, said she saved my life

Brandy love for her daughter again came out, said she saved my life

On February, 11 Brandy posted on Instagram for her daughter. She wrote a beautiful note on her daughter. Brandy feeling blessed to have a daughter like Sy’Rai Smith. She gave purpose and passion to her life. Earlier in the day Sy’Rai’s wished birthday to her mom. The young star wrote,

“Happy Birthday to my heart in human form,”. “I love you, mama,”. Brandy posted on Instagram near the end of the day to express on her special day and communicate special thanks for her daughter. “You are the reason I was born way back when on this day.

“@syraismith, thank you for giving me more purpose and passion for life,” She further wrote. “You saved me,” Brandy told Sy’Rai. “I love you infinitely and unconditionally.” It is not unusual for Brandy to adore her daughter while reflecting on her whole life’s journey. The celebrity mom said in an interview,

“I love being a mother because having a child inspires you to be a better ‘you,’” .“The hardest thing about being a mother is that you realize you aren’t perfect and you’ll make mistakes,”. “But you do the best you can,” the celebrity mom added.“I teach Sy’rai to always be who you are,” Brandy continued.

“Sometimes you can lose yourself if you don’t have a strong foundation, so I talk to her about knowing who she is.” Since Sy’Rai Smith shared her weight loss journey with the world, she became the center of things.

She is learning various aspect of music and recently enjoyed a session with vocal coach, Steve Mackey. For Sy’Rai Brandy can be a guide for vocal. After watching Sy’Rai session with Steve a fan said, “Brandy can be the Bible and Sy’Rai is New Testament”. A fan said, “She’s coming for blood,”


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