Bow Bow Baby Mother Claims She’s Blocked From Communicating With R@’pper, Can’t Ask Him For Help..

Bow Bow Baby Mother Claims She’s Blocked From Communicating With R@’pper, Can’t Ask Him For Help..

Mother of Bow Wow’s son is calling him out. Rapper Shad Moss, more widely known as Bow Wow, is a father of 2 kids. The former kid star now has his own kid and has a beautiful connection with firstborn Shai Moss. Somehoa,

the same cannot be told for his connection with his son. The mom of Bow Wow’s son and 2nd kid, Olivia Sky has widely been at odds with the rapper. Last year, fans of Bow Wow were a bit confused later conflicting reports on his status as a parent.While he looked like to be successfully co-parenting a kid with socialite Joie Chavis, there were few doubts about his second kid. Whild, Bow Wow did not believe he was the dad of 1-year-old Stone Kamin. Although, court documents proved he did dad the boy,

effectively swapping the boy’s name to Stone Moss. In spite of the news, the rapper constantly to disown the baby boy. Fans were surprised because just a few weeks earlier, Bow Wow was being petty on Twitter, denying that he had a second kid.He took it a step further, even jokingly quoting Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” The child’s mom, Olivia, ended up having to go to court to get a paternity test so that she could get child support. Bow Wow suddenly swapped his tune in the comment section of a post by The Neighborhood Talk, telling,

“Such a blessing to have him in my life [heart emoji].” These days Bow Wow’s page is quite stacked with images from his newest lap around the U.S. with the Millenium tour. Although, you can still discover images of Shai sprinkled throughout. Somehow,

Stone is nowhere to be seen on his page. To make matters worst, he also dismissed Stone’s mom later fans expressed worries for her. Olivia Sky opened that she had postpartum, which Bow Wow brushed off, disclosing that he barely knows her and has never even been photographed with her.


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