Bambi Blames Herself For Scrappy & Momma Dee’s Strained Relationship: “I Feel Like It’s My Fault”

Bambi Blames Herself For Scrappy & Momma Dee’s Strained Relationship: “I Feel Like It’s My Fault”

The family drama between Scrappy, his mom Momma Dee, and his wife Bambi is enough to fill its own series. The Love & Hip-Hop stars have widely known been at odds for months, with their not so long storyline unveiling more context to their strained connection.

With this now season currently behind them, Scrappy and Bambi sat down at the reunion to talk about one poignant moment from the season and how it affected them all. Bambi opened up about how she sometimes feels she perhaps to blame for the state of their family.

Momma Dee has always been at odds with Scrappy’s girlfriends but took particular matter with his wife, Bambi. Unlike other lady, Bambi has tried to establish clear boundaries that her spouse Scrappy has worked hard to respect with her. This means that Momma Dee,

who is always attempt to come for Bambi, is not welcome in their house or around their children. Momma Dee attempt to combat this in an prior episode, standing outside with a bullhorn, trying to get the kid to come out. On many Instagram posts,

Momma Dee managed that Bambi is just trying to get between her and her son and is possibly jealous of Dee and her connection with Scrappy’s former Shay. Momma Dee has cursed Bambi out, even calling her insecure and jealous.

Bambi has managed that stuffs are not as bad as Momma Dee tries to make them looked like and that, off camera, the ladies literally get along well. During one of the most powerful scenes of the season, Scrappy revealed to his mom in front of the entire cast.

The rapper begged his mom and wife to be cordial for him and mentioned to feeling helpless and in need of some support. Scrappy told the lady they are all he’s got and confessed that his upbringing made stuffs very hard for him when it came to connecting and speaking out.

Momma Dee famously ran a brothel and trap house when he was a kid. In the end, Dee looked like to be softening up and vows her boy she would try harder to make stuffs better. The family hugged it out, and not a single eye was dry in the room.

Scrappy got emotional again during the reunion rewatching the scene. “That was my first time being original and honest,” he told while sitting low in his chair, trying to hide his emotions. “I’m a product of [her.] But at the exact time,

I don’t judge her cause that’s how she took care of her kids. I respect that lady but I ain’t finna bow down to disrespect on the household. My baby’s in there. I’m attempt over here.” Scrappy says his mom’s words don’t match her actions when it comes to how she treats his wife.


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