Autistic Boy, 4, Kil’led On The Way Home From Older Brother’s Funeral

Autistic Boy, 4, Kil’led On The Way Home From Older Brother’s Funeral

A 4-year-old child from New York City tragically lost his life last weekend after being s’truck by a car in Queens after attending the burial of his elder sibling. The loss of 18-year-old Tysheem McDonald to gun violence earlier this month left the family in a state of s’hock.

Michael McDonald, the father of both boys, claims that the loss of his younger son has left him feeling “empty.” Last Saturday, Domantea McDonald, who has autism, was outside his uncle’s house when he broke free from his mother and rushed into the street.McDonald was struck by a Toyota RAV4 while his mother was at’tempting to follow him. The mother of the young child was struck in the foot by the car as she came into touch with it. The RAV4’s driver stayed at the site of the co’llision and is not facing any charges.

After the mishap, McDonald was still awake and wailing for his mother as he lay on the ground. The father of the infant made an effort to keep him motionless until EMS arrived. The boy’s father said that when the fire department arrived,they ordered everyone to move back from McDonald. Domantea noticed his mother and wanted to go to her when the man turned him to the side to see if he had any bruises, according to Michael McDonald, who spoke to the New York Post.

McDonald began to crawl toward his mother but only made it a short distance before passing away on the highway. The police stated that McDonald had “severe head da’mage and abdominal in’juries.” He was reportedly declared dead at Long Island Jewish Medical Center,according to investigators. However, FDNY confirmed that life-saving procedures started as we were bringing the patient to the hospital and declined to respond to the father’s assertions. Domantea’s father claimed that he had special requirements. He was the most wonderful youngster anyone could hope to meet and the most wonderful soul in the entire universe.


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