Ashanti Reveals One Of Craziest Experiences Working With Male Producers In The Music Industry

Ashanti Reveals One Of Craziest Experiences Working With Male Producers In The Music Industry

Ashanti is continuing to expose the shady business practices of men in the music industry. She recently stopped by the Breakfast Club to discuss a handful of new projects and opened up about a producer who tried to take advantage of her after weeks of working on music together. She also doubled down on her experience with producer Irv Gotti and why she wrote her “Gotta Move On” verse about him.

Ashanti has been lowkey for years about her experiences but started talking out after Irv Gotti began exposing their relationship. Her former label boss was going from show to show, divulging information on him and Ashanti’s time together, speaking on how their intimacy inspired some of her biggest hits and how heartbroken he was when she left him for Nelly. Ashanti painted a very different story and said that she and Irv were never a “couple” but rather just business partners who also shared an intimate connection. Ashanti says that Irv gaslit her constantly and threatened to derail her career when she no longer wanted to date him.

Ashanti says it got so bad she could not work with anyone else because he threatened other people or told them she did not like them. Eventually, she stepped away from music completely to get away from the drama. These days Ashanti is not hold back and exposes Gotti, talking about his bedroom performance and “manhood.” During her recent visit to The Breakfast Club, she broke down the lyrics from her “Gotta Move On” freestyle. In the song, she said, “I’m finished with your [expletive], had your little D.” Ashanti also took the opportunity to expose another man who tried to take advantage of her after working on music together.

“I’ve been in a crazy situation with one producer. We did two records together. He was like, ‘ok, I’m not gonna charge you, you my homie, whatever.’ When it came time to put it on the album, he was like, ‘well, let’s take a shower together.’ I thought he was joking!” Ashanti went on to say that the man was not joking and told her she either had to pay up to 40k for each song or take a shower with him.

Ashanti said she was really confused because they had been hanging out for several weeks with no issues. Ashanti ended up having to make some phone calls to get things handled. Charlemagne commended Ashanti for opening up about her experiences and how it can help other women. DJ Akademiks recently encouraged Ashanti to name the producer by name, so she could potentially protect other women. Some fans believe the blogger was moreso ‘chasing clout’ rather than caring about protecting women.

Rapper Latto said she had a similar experience while trying to wrap up the features for her debut album 777. While trying to finalize her tracklist, one of the rappers on the project told her he would only ok his verse if she was intimate with him. “I’m just keeping it 100. It’s a feature on my album that it was difficult to clear, and they like trying to drop their nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM.” Fans speculated that it was Kodak Black, but he denied it was him.

Kodak continued to attack the female rapper for weeks following her Big Boy interview, referring to her as cappuccino.


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