Alicia Keys Turned Down $9 Million For 9 Minutes Because She Was Spending Quality Time With Her Husband

Alicia Keys Turned Down $9 Million For 9 Minutes Because She Was Spending Quality Time With Her Husband

Nothing is getting in the way of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz spending time with their family. They truly embody the idea of a power couple. In spite of any criticism, their interpersonal dynamic has shown to lead with light and love.

They recently discussed their storied romance on the Million Dollars Worth of Game Podcast. Before making a huge breakthrough in the music business in 2001, Alicia Keys had a difficult beginning. But after the release of her breakthrough single “Fallin’,”Keys started to rise to extraordinary popularity. Alicia Keys is involved in numerous projects and has become a brand ambassador for numerous businesses. Swizz Beatz has also achieved a number of commendable feats.

At a very young age, he began his production career by teaming up with his old friend DMX and contributing to the creation of catchy, popular melodies. He has also written hit songs for numerous other artists, including Beyoncé, Eve, Jay-Z, and others.Outside of the music industry, Swizz Beatz has accomplished a lot as well. He has had success in the fashion industry by working with organizations like Reebox. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz both have successful and lengthy individual careers,

but they have also partnered in business. Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ quest toward love and family started in 2010. Swizz Beatz said on the show that he has turned down many offers because he won’t compromise his “ethics” for any amount of money.

He also discussed the virtues and benefits of saying “no.” Then, Swizz commended his wife for being assertive and using the word “no” frequently. Additionally, Swizz Beatz disclosed that Alicia Keys once declined a $9 million offer for a brief 9-minute performance.

He said, “It was integrity engaged in it. She declined since she was spending time with her husband, according to the producer. She’s “not for sale,” he remarked, and her ethics helped him recognize that.


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