AI B Sure Shares Heartbreaking Photos From Hospital Bed After Being In Coma For Two Months, Nearly..

AI B Sure Shares Heartbreaking Photos From Hospital Bed After Being In Coma For Two Months, Nearly..

Fans of ’90s R&B star Al B. Sure have been very afraid for the vocalist over these last few months. In a series of posts that began prior this year, he revealed about an ongoing health troubles that had left him hospitalized.

It’s been a afraid time for his family, but his son not so far shared that his dad was able to come house after 2 months. Now Al B. is giving fans his own update in a brief video and caption. Born Albert Joseph Brown II, the Boston.and New York native has been a powerhouse in music both in front of and at the back of the scenes for years. Sure enjoyed a great contract of success during the New Jack Swing era and became a big-name star while also penning hits for Jodeci and others.

He is a dad of 3, adding Al B. Sure Jr, vocalist Devin LOUD and actor Quincy Brown. Sure is very present on internet and in not so far years, has been heavily attached in the world of celebrity boxing, frequently posing up with Mike Tyson and others.While his posts used to center upto his training, the 80s vocalist began to concern fans with videos of him in the hospital. While numerous videos appeared vague, it was obvious he was gearing up for a real fight behind the scenes. “Going Back In!

All Praise is Due to Allah , he told in one clip. In another post of him in a machine with a screen above showing some x-rays, he told, “Grand Rising #AlBeez around the No problem how & where you woke up this morning,just be thankful that you actually woke up this morning #OntheMend #AllPraiseisDotoAllah ” stuffs got quiet around August as his team stated they would be taking over his page as he fought to recover. Although, his son gave everyone wonder.

when he stated that his dad would be coming home just in time for his bornday. Now Al B. Sure is opening up about just what he was going via. In a long 3-part post, Sure showed off the huge surgery scar on his abdomen. He began by saying,“This unforeseen medical roller coaster has been a fully life-changing experience, and I really value everyday functionality like Walking, Talking, and Breathing on your my own with no assistance from a medical professional or machines.”

Sure told that in July, he lost feeling on the left side of his body during a studio session and fell over. Sure told everything since has been a blur, and it was not till October that he truly understood what took place to him.


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