After VMAs Teyana Taylor’s Body Is Trending, But Wait Til You See Her MOMMA!

After VMAs Teyana Taylor’s Body Is Trending, But Wait Til You See Her MOMMA!

Teyana Taylor surprised fans everywhere when Kanye West’s “Fade” music video surfaced at the MTV Video Music Awards. The vocalist/actress’ jaw-dropping body has made men, and even lady,

everywhere swoon. Teyana’s post-expecting body looks absolutely flawless in the new clip and she owes Kanye’s clip absolutely nothing! But, it looks like Teyana may have inherited that stunning figure because she isn’t the just beauty in her family.

She literally gets it from her ! See images of the beauty next… Photos have surfaced of Teyana’s mother, Nikki Taylor, and you won’t believe what she seem like! ILOSM fam, her Instagram page is on fire and she is strikingly pretty.

She definitely gives the phrase “fine as wine” a new meaning. Most of her images show off her jaw-dropping frame and impeccable style. Fans have been complimenting Nikki far before Teyana’s feature in Kanye’s clip. Currently, we can definitely see why!

Including, to managing her daughter, Nikki Taylor is also a well-famous fashionista and celebrity stylist. Seem like mama has it goin on too! We can’t help but praised her for her looks and her hustle! It was love. A lioness securing her family.

That’s just what it was and what it represented. People wonder deeply into it and you should take it to mean whatever you wonder it means. It’s a powerful text and a power clip. How has being a mom impacted the sense of agency that you have over your body? I went into front.

When I discover out that I was expecting, just like any other mom or new mom, I was scared, glad, and anxious. But the last stuff on my mind was trying to keep my body right, or feeling like, Oh my God, what’s going to happen to me? It was never any type of pressure.

In the 2016 MTV VMA clip debut for Kanye West’s “Fade,” Teyana Taylor danced with an awe-inspiring fire and for the second time this year, recalled everyone just how talented she truly is. Slicked all over in coconut oil, the 25 year-old vocalist and

dancer wore a grey washed sports bra and thong as she commanded every inch of the screen. She grabbed the athletic 1980’s style routine and Caribbean influenced choreography that showcased her serious aptitude for movement. Taylor was then joined by

her spouse Iman Shumpert in an sensual shower scene and the 2 ended the video with a powerful family picture featuring the duo and their baby girl, Iman Tayla “Junie” Shumpert Jr.


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