Actress Jenifer Lewis Demands Kanye West Shut Up & Get Some Help: ‘Go Sit Down Somewhere’

Actress Jenifer Lewis Demands Kanye West Shut Up & Get Some Help: ‘Go Sit Down Somewhere’

Kanye west begins again his outspoken spiral. Just this past weekend, while Dave Chappelle took to Saturday Night Live to poke fun at his backlash, West was telling paparazzi that his mama was sacrificed.

Debates on the state of his mental problems proceed to rage as fans feel he is just manic and in need of sympathy. Others feel his disease is no reason, and the only resolution for the fallen celebrity is professional help. Jenifer Lewis knows this fight well and is speaking out.


Jenifer Lewis newly stopped by The Pascal Show to discuss some of her lasting projects. While there, Pascal mentioned that Lewis, who has a past of mental disease and bipolar disorder, had mentioned Kanye West in her book.

Lewis announced that she was sick of West and had been long before his new scandal. I don’t care what he’s dealing with. Shut your [expletive] mouth. You go sit down somewhere. All the children that look up to his a**.” She then glanced into the camera and said,

Hey, Kanye! My name is Jenifer Lewis. I’m popular too. Not as popular as you. That does not excuse you from doing what you shouldn’t be doing. Lewis, as if feeling the weight of her words, started to address him in an extra maternal voice. Go get help, infant.

Your kids want you. You hush now. I know what pain you’re going through. I went through it. Do it for your kids. Do it for the next generation. They gave you everything. They listen to your song. Because you consider yourself a genius. A lot of people do.

Van Gogh was a genius. They cut his f****** ear off. You hush now, go get some benefit. Lewis concluded her difficult love with an offer to help west herself. Find me, call me. Let me help you. That infant’s so sick. Lewis struggled for years with bipolar disorder,

and in 2017 she opened up about her symptoms and how she suffered in silence because she was oblivious and just thought it was part of her identity. She is now an advocate for mental health and speaks out often.

No word if Kanye West grabbed wind of Jenifer Lewis’ interview, but we can guarantee if he does he’ll be reacting her. West has called out everyone who has spoke against him containing Bossie, Shaq, Charles Barkley, and others.


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