6 Year Old Boy On Life Support After Being Found With His Head In A Motel Toilet

6 Year Old Boy On Life Support After Being Found With His Head In A Motel Toilet

Having been discovered asleep with his head in the toi’let bo’wl, a Florida couple’s 6-year-old son is now in jail. While attending to a com’pla*nt concerning a youngster who might be dro’w*ing on July 5, Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies made the startling find.

Once they got to the Kissimmee Knights Inn, they went to Larry Rhodes and Bianca Blaise’s room, where they disc overed the child with swollen eyes and no pu’lse.

Larry Rhodes and Bianca Blaise are 22 and 25, respectively. “Life-thr*atenin’g brain bl**d” cau’s’ed him to be sent urge’ntly to Arnold Palmer Hospital. He is currently receiving life sup’port. Blaise initi’ally told authorities that she had at’temp’ted to visit a d*ug test’ing centre on July 5th,

but that it had been closed, so she had instead returned to the family’s motel room. In the bathroom, she al’legedly found her in’fant with his “head in the toilet like he was su*king water.” The youngster was unc’onscious, according to Blaise, who claimed to have found him later.

According to ru’mours, Rhodes was resting in one of the beds. Blaise claims that the 4-year-old child, who also slept in the motel room, was playing with the 6-year-old when he was in’jured.

The younger boy, however, admitted that Rhodes hit him when emergency officials confronted him alone and asked him about the sc’ra’pes and b’ru’ises on his b*dy. The couple shared a room with six kids, all of whom were clearly inj ured and had significant scr’apes and br*ises.

At first, Blaise den’ied that the youngsters were being mis treat’ed, but he eventually admitted that Rhodes had been using a woman’s sa*dal to beat the kids into submission. Bl**d was found on the shoe and on the hotel room walls when inve’stigators found it there.

The children’s marks matched the pattern on a san’dal’s bottom in a similar way. The fact that Rhodes had schizophrenia and that Blaise had been with him for seven years was also mentioned. Rhodes was off his medication while she worked for Shipt and Uber.

He also took care of their kids. Blaise claimed that even though she understood that she had to leave him, she lacked the money to do so. Rhodes demanded a la’w’yer and resisted being interviewed by the p*lice.


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