6-Year-Old Antwain Fowler Who Went Viral In The “Where We Bout To Eat At” Video Passes Away

6-Year-Old Antwain Fowler Who Went Viral In The “Where We Bout To Eat At” Video Passes Away

Antwain Fowler, a 6-year-old boy who had become an internet sensation in 2019 for his ‘where we about to eat at’ video, has died. Antwain Fowler, a six-year-old boy who became known for his ‘where we about to eat at’ video has di’ed.

His mom has confirmed the devastating news on his Instagram account. In the post shared on the photosharing site, his mother told, ‘The pain in my heart is like no other Why God!!![sic].’ She wrote below the post, ‘Never in a million years My heart is out my chest!!!![sic].’The 6- year-old boy had become an social media sensation in 2019 after he appeared in a 4-second clip that showed him questioning. ‘Where we about to eat at’,’ reported Independent. As per the report, Fowler was fighting a disease called ‘Autoimmune Enteropathy’.

He was diagnosed with the di’sease in 2015 and he had been hospitalised 25 times for the surgery. According, the news outlet, Antwain Fowler was recovering from p’neumonia when he became an internet sensation for questioning ‘Where we about to eat at”A fundraiser GoFundMe page was created for Antwain Fowler later he was diagnosed with the disease in 2015. On the fundraiser page, it is addressed that Fowler was diagnosed with Autoimmune Enteropathy, a disease that affected the intestines.

Due to his health situation, Fowler was unable to drink milk or eat solid food during prior childhood. On the fundraiser page, it is written, ‘From the moment Antwain was launched from the hospital he desired to know one thing, ‘Where we bout to eat at’,which is what the whole world finds themselves asking quite frequently.’ Furthermore, the page described that the first 4 years of Antwain’s life were an ‘everlasting battle and very cr’ucial experience for his family.’ It further addressed that they were able to raise $64,495 for Antwain Fowler.

In another post shared on his Instagram account, his mom wrote, “I at’tempt hiding you from the world early on but couldn’t you were meant to be seen. My sweetheart baby my god I just cannot believe it this is unbearable man.

I’m tryin soooooo difficult so so difficult but I can’t d’odge the feeling’ God you truly did a number on me I didn’t deserve to be left empty like this A biggest whole in my heart the strength I had left with you baby Still haven’t g’rasped the fact that you literally left me Baby come back I need you.” Netizens took to the comments sect


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