2000s R&B Singer Lil Mo Reveals She Recently Lost Her Voice & Believed She Was Going Deaf: I..

2000s R&B Singer Lil Mo Reveals She Recently Lost Her Voice & Believed She Was Going Deaf: I..

One of the most recognisable voices from the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s is that of R&B singer Lil Mo. The singer had a few of her own songs and was frequently heard on some of our favourite hooks.

The powerhouse was distraught when she lost her voice for over a week and wo’rried that her hearing was also deteriorating because she is aware that her voice is what draws people to her. Recently, Lil Mo visited FoxSOUL to talk candidly about her ter*ifying experience of being unable to

sing for five days in a row. Since November, Lil Mo has been touring with Pinky Cole on the “Eat Plants B*tch” tour, performing in Baltimore, New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Mo and JaRule performed classics including “Superwoman,” “4Ever,” and “Put It On Me,”

and Mo’s fans were ecstatic to witness it. Unfortunately, as Mo realised she was having t*ouble singing, some fans almost missed the show. The singer acknowledged the ongoing da*ger of COVID-19 as well as the fact that flu season and other prevailing conditions are there.

Mo claims that, unlike when he has gone horseback in the past, she is typically able to just sip some hot water or tea and continue working. She entered the stage that day, but her voice was completely gone. When Mo noticed she was not getting better,

she panicked and immediately called Tank’s close friend and R&B musician J Valentine. Mo wanted to speak with Tank because she thought that she might be losing her hearing as well as her voice. Tank made a famous admission about his hearing loss and how it was affecting his voice.

Tank was fast losing his hearing in both ears and was on the verge of going completely deaf. He was given medications that were supposed to help him, but they only made the rest of his body ill. He became hopeless and even announced his retirement from music during this time.

He ultimately made the decision to move forward and investigate alternative options, advising Mo to take a steroid that would improve her hearing. Lil Mo broke down in tears as she recalled how terrible it was to believe she would no longer be able to sing.

But she followed Tank’s suggestion and started the steroid medication, which involved taking 21 pills. Because they were unable to identify the problem’s origin, according to Mo, she also had to have a steroid for her nose. It was ho*rible. I had five days off at the time.Sincerely, it had to occur. Don’t get too conceited, sis. I’m the one who gave you your gift, God has to remind you. The singer states that in order to heal, she needed to take many doses of medication.


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