2 Month Baby Survives for Days on Top of Dead Mother’s by Chewing On Hands

2 Month Baby Survives for Days on Top of Dead Mother’s by Chewing On Hands

Clinging to an image of her daughter, Adriane Wade said she needs answers after 29-year-old Danielle Wade was create d’ead Aug. 18 in her Louisville, Kentucky, quarters.

Her and her children were at my home,” Wade said. We went to school. We had a nice day. Friday the 13th was funny.”

For the mama and grandmother, she told that was the last time she heard her daughter laugh. The second thing she knew, di’saster h’it. Wade said on Aug.

18, she was called by Louisville Metro Police Department detectives to go to her daughter’s quarters to observe the body. She said when she entered, she was told her daughter had been d’ead various days.

Her 2-month-old grandson, Dreseaun, was alive, re’portedly lying on top of his mom. She said the baby managed by chewing on his own fingers.

De’composing for days with her small infant, her small newborn, laying on top of her,” Wade said. That infant that was in the quarters while she was decomposing, his hand was raw from striving to eat to survive.

She said Dreseaun is in the hospital regaining from dehydration and pains su’stained to his hands. She evaluates it a blessing that her grandson su’rvived so long without his mother.

It is extraordinary because God is involved, Wade said. God is pertained . It’s extremely miraculous. He ate his hand raw. He was in there for days without s’urvival procedures.

LMPD says that Danielle Wade di’ed of an o’verdose. I can’t think this is how her week ended, her mama said. I can’t believe it occurred this quick. Life is so short, and it occurred just like that.
Dreseaun is wanted to make a full recovery. His grandmother says she will be taking care of him and her other grandson walking forward.


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