Random Stranger Prevents 12-Year-Old Girl From Being K|dn@pped, By Pretending To Be Her Mother

Random Stranger Prevents 12-Year-Old Girl From Being K|dn@pped, By Pretending To Be Her Mother

More than 460,000 children go missing every year in the United States. That amounts to one child every 40 seconds. Most people think it won’t happen to them, but the reality is that any child can be the victim of a kidnapping.

When 12-year-old Amy Martinez left her house on the morning of February 21, 2018, she had no idea she was about to become the target of a kidnapper. Amy was walking to school when a filthy woman with no shoes on grabbed hold of her. Amy tried to break free, but the woman wrapped her in a bear hug and started to pull her down the street.

A good Samaritan, who asked to remain anonymous, witnessed Amy being pulled down the street. At first, she thought the woman was Amy’s mother, but then she noticed her lack of shoes and poor hygiene.

The good Samaritan, who happens to be a mother herself, knew she had to do something. She followed Amy and the woman in her car. She asked Amy if she was okay. The look of terror in the little girl’s eyes told her everything she needed to know.

The quick-thinking good Samaritan then demanded the would-be kidnapper release the girl. After a few tense minutes, the kidnapper released Amy.

Amy’s rescuer drove her to school and gave the police a detailed description of the kidnapper. The kidnapper was arrested and identified as 34-year-old Claudia Hernandez Diaz.

Claudia Hernandez Diaz pleaded guilty to child stealing and the attempted kidnapping of a child under the age of 14. Both charges are felonies. Claudia Hernandez Diaz was sentenced to four years in prison.

Amy Martinez is just happy this whole ordeal is over. During the attempted kidnapping, she thought she would never see her family again. She said the only thing the kidnapper kept saying was “don’t cry” in Spanish.

Watch the story play out in the video below:

Not all kidnapping attempts have a happy ending like this one. Help us spread the word about Amy Martinez and the good Samaritan who saved her. What did you think of the woman’s actions? Would you have done the same? Let us know – and feel free to pass this along to your friends and family!


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