12 Year Old Boy Sh*t Near Atlanta’s Atlantic Station Mall Identified

12 Year Old Boy Sh*t Near Atlanta’s Atlantic Station Mall Identified

The 12-year-old su-spect that was sh*t near Atlanta’s Atlantic Station mall on Saturday night has been identified as Zyion Charles. The family authenticate the boy’s identity to WSB-TV.

“Over here, we have constantly to say not so far that Atlanta is a group project,” Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens told in a Sunday press conference. “When a 12-year-old dies in our city on our … then the all village has a responsibility, and the entire village is impacted.”

The sh**ting took place around 8 p.m. later an unr’uly group of young people was escorted by se’curity and off-duty Atlanta p’olice. The crowd came over to the 17th Street bridge when sh*ts rang out between 2 groups. 5 people were inj’ured in the sh**ting and were tranported to nearly hospitals.

One of them was listed in critical condition. Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum told the teens were familiar to each other. Few of the teens were Atlanta public school students, while others were from nearby counties. No vi*tims have been identified,

and the sh**ting is still under observation. Police are questioning for the public’s help by providing any pictures or clips they might have captured from the sh**ting. But what the Atlanta cops Department can’t do, nor Atlantic Station can’t do, is be parents,” he told.

“This is a team effort. Everyone has an involvement for keeping this the great city that we familiar Atlanta to be. So we questioned, please know where your kids are.

please exercise your influence as an ad*lt in someone’s life.” He*ring questioned parents to talk with school officials when their kid needs extra help in order to try to get ahead of matters that may lead to vi*lence. “As we close out this holiday week and return to what will be the last few weeks of the school year,

we managed our commitment to not just work together, but to gave the resources that are needed for families in times and matters like this,” the APS superi’nte’ndent told. In a statement, Atlantic Station told it is “helping law enforcement in every way possible” but distanced itself from the in’ci’dent,

as it did not oc’cur on its asset. Although, it is still increasing security measures,including doubling the number of law enforcement officers for the fore’seeable future in order to discourage group gatherings and enforcing the area’s curfew. Saturday’s fatally sh**ting,

which came just 2 days later Thanksgiving and in the middle of the peak holiday shopping season, is the recent in a string of shootings at or near Atlantic Station just this year. The asset also added a residential area and is now the site of a Cirque Du Soleil show and an ice skating rink.


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