1000- Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Weds Caleb Willingham At Ohio Rehab Center: I’m Married

1000- Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Weds Caleb Willingham At Ohio Rehab Center: I’m Married

1000-Lb Sisters’ star Tammy Slaton is now a married lady! Tammy the knot with spouse Caleb Willingham on Saturday at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

“You all familiar with me as Tammy Slaton, but currently you will all familiar me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham,” Tammy told. “I’m wedded now!” Slaton and Willingham, 39 year old, encounter at the rehab center and finally fell in love at the same location,

before inviting 30 friends and family members to the small celebration on Saturday, a TLC source shares. Image from the Ohio wedding show Tammy in a white gown and tiara, as she captured with her sister Amy, who’s wearing an orange dress with purple hair.

Another picture features Tammy smiling next to Caleb, who dress up a black outfit with brown suspenders on their wedding day this weekend. In late October, Caleb proposed to his current-wife in a clip shared with The Sun, which stated that the duo shared a lot of the same struggles and were

a “biggest support” for each other in rehab. Now, Caleb intends to move to Kentucky to have more time with his wife, the publication said. Tammy and Caleb’s wedding tour will be documented in a new season of her TLC series 1000 Lb. Sisters, which premieres Jan. 17 at 9 p.m.

Slaton prior had her connection history documented on the show, such as last year when she broke up from ex partner Philip, who her sister Amy told wanted “her to be a glutton.” As opposed told to Caleb and Tammy meeting in person,

the TV star encounter her former on social media and mentioned Phillip was familiar online for talking about his preference for bigger lady, and that he didn’t date anyone under 300 lbs. But ultimately, Tammy was “tired of battle” with him and they split, she told in a December episode of the series.

“Tammy me she separated with Phil, and I’m just like, about damn time. Currently, you need to work on yourself. Tammy don’t need somebody that desired her to be a glutton,”

Amy told on the show. “I’m wondering with the whole breakup, it don’t deter Tammy away from her weight loss, because she needs to lose this 25 lbs. The doctor gave her a goal.”


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